Our vision is of a just, sustainable and democratic world that is achieved by means of a united democratic decentralized platform online aimed at supplanting the regime of inequality with a rule of meritocracy uprooting deeply entrenched external political processes and internal organizational dynamics, that influence, set or disrupt the balance of wealth and power in our country.

Collaboration and Connectivity

  • The core character of our online ecosystem is essentially collaborative and participatory. It is designed to create long term coalitions between existing movements/groups/individuals based on their shared values and practical integration of interests.
  • The vision is to channelize the immense transformative power of the people by providing them with a common platform to amplify their voices of grievances, critiques and solutions to identified problems. Drawing upon the collective and indomitable energy and action of pre-existing aggrieved groups or individuals drive a greater impact on society.
  • The Independence Project may be considered as a universal call to action as its collaborative and interconnected networks of digital domains encourage collective action and active participation to find solutions to common problems and keys to common good in a just and democratic way.

Economic and Social welfare

  • Creation of a digital united front facilitating collaboration and connectivity between existing movements/groups/individuals, is a way of preparing soil for establishing inclusive, resilient and sustainable businesses and communities designed to recognize and respond to interconnected problems and systemic issues that threaten peace and prosperity of people on multiple levels.
  • The goal is to achieve sustainable economic growth at the same time social development of every individual belonging to our ecosystem so that they reach their full potential. This is achieved by reorienting the outlook towards profit and success through a pursuit of common good instead of personal goals.
  • Our vision is to enhance the economic and social value of all businesses or communities that develop or reconfigure themselves under the Independence Project. By integrating social and business activities in such a way to ensure economic welfare but not without committing to social well-being, a more holistic sustainable business model emerges that promises and delivers on all accounts of:
    • Resource efficiency
    • Social relevance
    • Localization and engagement
    • Longevity
    • Ethical sourcing
    • Work enrichment

Justice and Equity

  • If sustainability is to become a process with the power to transform as opposed to its current power in most businesses i.e. to guide or at best reform, then justice and equity needs to be incorporated into its very core. We call for a paradigm shift towards long term sustainability, social welfare along with economic justice to create a more holistic, and proactive sustainable business/community.
  • The vision is for sustainable businesses to take on a redistributive function based on three main pillars:
    • Allocation
    • Equitable distribution
    • Sustainable scale

Distributed Leadership

  • The vision necessitates reconceptualization of leadership in a decentralized and democratic format instead of a centralized distinct position of authority. This entails a distributed leadership and power sharing fundamentally concerned with building positive relations and empowering others to lead through the performance of 3 main functions:
    • Distributing responsibility among the membership
    • Empowering group members
    • Aiding the groups decision-making process
  • The integrity of our vision and leadership is safeguarded by a predetermined set of moral and practical considerations that act as guidelines for assessing the correctness of the democratic leadership. These are broadly encapsulated in our core values of:
    • Trust
    • Transparency
    • Equal opportunities
    • Effective performance