To be honest, the project of building and maintaining new open societies and governing institutions that harnesses the exponential energy of technologies, to tackle the multivariate problems of our times is not an overnight task.  The Independence Project aims to achieve its goal through a set of following workable solutions:
  1. Independence Project to build a collaborative political advocacy network: A collaborative political advocacy network can pull together the energies and expertise of people willing and capable of holding frank and accurate discussions about the problems of our social and political world, predicting and overcoming obstacles along the way, generating effective solutions, and coordinating significant action to build a better future. As a fertile source of innovation and genius, the network will help gather communities focused on different issues but united by the same values and crowdsource distributive problem-solving solutions for radical organizational, social, and democratic reforms as well as the public good. By means of suitable technology and a robust infrastructure, the Project will act as a springboard for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, accelerating community awareness and strengthening democratic participation.
  2. Crowdsourced Solutions: As a fertile source of innovation and genius, the collective intelligence of thought leaders will help crowdsource distributive problem-solving solutions for radical organizational, social, and democratic reforms as well as the public good. By establishing a solid ground for crowdsourcing, the Project will act as a springboard for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, accelerating business innovation, and strengthening democratic participation. Members agree to turn our vote over to an ideal meritocracy. This way of crowdsourcing will ensure that the best ideas rise to the top and can be voted into law.
  3. Implement democracy through the best technologies: A decentralized blockchain economy is backed not by a central authority but by an automated consensus among interconnected members. Rooted in open-source software, it structures and regulates a decentralized, transparent ledger of transaction records (a database) that is shared, updated, and monitored by all network members yet owned and controlled by no one. A blockchain-enabled economy is committed to the transparent movement of money, transfer of information, and effective allocation of resources to ensure optimized productivity and performance. To this effect, we shall start by creating social impact companies that support the movement.
  4. Connect community builders to initiate and encourage conscious global awakening: We need a global awakening that will radically re-align the trajectory of our humanity away from a divisive and self-destructive path towards a more united and constructive course. The fate of human existence on this planet fundamentally rests upon an effective rebooting of humanity, without force, that replaces our primitive dog-eats-dog mindset with a more evolved and noble way of thinking based on compassion, connection, and correction. aims to unite all existing movements with similar missions and visions to lead a global change.
  5. Set up a Revolutionary Council:  The Independence Project will bring together groups of concerned citizens who believe in the power of change. These groups will consist of political leaders, thought leaders and influencers, human rights activists, youth associations, and various opposition parties – all those who believe in their capability to encourage, inspire, and mentor a peaceful revolution. In paving the way for radical democracy and a better governance, the Project will set up a Revolutionary Council who will work with a common goal and create a charter reflection the same. The charter will be a clarion call for the public to come together, plan a transition, and initiate a peaceful democratic revolution.
  6. Support the Peaceful Revolution: From advocacy to logistics, the Independence Project will do all it can to support the peaceful revolution to radical democracy. The Project has a collaborative political advocacy network to bring interested and active parties together on issues that mater the most to them. From there, the Project will organize and run awareness campaigns among the public to enhance the political outreach of these issues. The Project will also raise funds, plan peaceful activities, and involve the political class into imitating the process for peaceful change and a democratic revolution. Together with the Revolutionary Council, the Project will provide complete logistical support to the revolution.
  7. Provide Support to the Transitional Government: After the peaceful revolution, a new and transitional government will come to replace the Revolutionary Council. The primary undertaking of this body would be to consolidate actors from different groups and communities into one cohesive group. This group, in turn, shall be responsible for the transfer of power. The group shall also be responsible for framing a new transition charter. This charter shall specify a timeline for the peaceful transition of power. Within this timeframe, government offices will be handed over to the newly elected officials.
  8. Help the Transitional Government hold Elections : The transitional government, being temporary in nature, assumes the role of holding transparent elections. The Independence Project will help the transitional government hold elections for the official transfer of power. The nature and integrity of these elections holds the key to the democraticgovernance to follow. That is why, the transitional government shall utilize the best technologies to ensure transparency and accountability while holding elections for all offices. To this end, the transitional government shall work in collaboration with international observers toward upholding the effectiveness of security and fraud prevention mechanisms.

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