Take a hard look at the world around yourself and ask


  1. Independence from the ‘inevitable’ apocalypse that we are mindlessly headed towards? 

There’s a looming danger of an apocalypse that threatens human existence on this planet. If the changing climate in the background wasn’t enough of a reminder, the recent pandemic has further intensified the underlying trends of a dying civilization that have been visible for decades. Far from the need of the hour, i.e. to unite against our collective crisis, we are stuck in a narrow mind set of scarcity and competition that leads us to pursue limited and rivalrous goals.  

  1. Independence from a global society that is diseased and divided by tribalism and apathy?

 Influenced by their leaders, most people think that producing and consuming more and more material things, in competition with each other, individually and collectively, is the main purpose of human existence. This dog-eat-dog mind-set has made not just humans but also their values and goals, materialistic and myopic in nature. On a personal level it leads to dread and distress as we feel more and more disconnected with each other. Collectively, it results in violence on all levels of human society, environmental destruction, and unjust distribution of wealth and resources.

  1. Independence from ‘hijacked democracies’ with autocratic tendencies?

Democracies around the world are increasingly being held siege by illiberal figures and authoritarian regimes. We are witnessing the helpless decay of democracies, not at the hands of men with guns but by populist leaders of the countryWhen the hijackers/assassins of democracy hide themselves behind democratic institutions like elections, police, judiciary etc. the task of recognising and weeding them out of our political system becomes all the more difficult.  

  1. Independence from all institutions of authority that are failing to serve public interest?

It has become difficult to find an institution that is thriving. Institutions frozen in time are simply chugging along redundant lines of operations that are inherently infested with flaws and inadequacies. We must ask: is the education system producing our next generation of leaders? Is the health system keeping us from dying? Is the family court system keeping families together? Is the IT system tapping into the fullest potential of technology? Is our political system offering equal opportunities and empowerment to all?

  1. Independence from incompetent and selfish political leadership?

World political leadership have repeatedly failed to rise up and meet crises with competence creating a void of strategic capable leadership. The mishandling of the current coronavirus crisis has brought to the forefront, failures of governments belonging to both developed and under developed countries alike. The pandemic was initially ignored, then bungled, then politicized and haphazardly managed with questionable competence at every level of our society.  

  1. Independence from dishonest and misleading media?

The trust in the mainstream media has plummeted to an all-time low. In an age when information can easily be accessed, most people are not sure what to believe. News organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public. The result is a long way from an informed and connected society and instead breeds hate, fear and polarization among brainwashed people.        

  1. Independence from an inherent corruptibility among humans?

Human beings are inadvertently self-seeking and easily corruptible, putting even the best of ideas and institutions at risk of being derailed away from public welfare and interest.  Unless a sound self-corrective incorruptible system is established to check the inherent flaws of human nature in check, no other problem can be effectively dealt with.   

  1. Independence from unplanned movements of change that lack operational management?

History reminds us, that even some of the greatest movements of changes (think, Anonymous, Occupy DC, Black Lives Matter) that started with great enthusiasm and were powered by several strengths and innovative solutions; yet they are liable to be lost as forgotten hashtags, frayed slogans and fizzled out initiatives, if not managed properly. Proper mentorship and operational management is required to steer and harness the power of the community and available resources towards most productive and effective way forward.                      

  1. Independence from trickle down economies that are cause gaping wealth inequalities?

The current economic model follows a trickle-down policy that disproportionately benefits wealthy businesses and individuals through tax cuts, capital gains, dividends, and looser regulations by the government. Although designed to put more money into the hands of wealthy, in the hope that it would eventually trickle down to middle and low income earners through increased rate of employment and consumer spending.  However, this has not been the case. Instead the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer.

  1. Independence from an unhealthy interdependence between the corporate and the political realm at the cost of society?

A direct nexus between the corporate and political realms proliferate institutionalized corruption whereby well connected and well to do industrialists and public officials work surreptitiously fill their own private coffers together at the expense of the people at large. While the rich find new ways of protecting their wealth through various financial and regulatory aids from the government; the government parties on the other hand, try to attain and/or retain power by forging an alliance with wealthy corporations and individuals who can fund their expensive electoral campaigns in exchange for future financial liberties. Therefore, in terms of both power and wealth the gap between haves and have nots are forever increasing. 

  1. Independence from unchecked and unaccounted powers of social media companies? 

Applications like Facebook and Twitter have transformed into more than just platforms meant to connect individuals or post cute pictures of cats. With their growing popularity over the years, they have established a monopoly and autonomy in their industry on a scale that resembles authoritarian governments. With an unchecked ability to track and trace everything that individual users show an interest in, the social media companies have immense power of censorship and propaganda that can make or break campaigns of influence.

  1. Independence from the Ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve System?

The US Federal Reserve is currently helping the US government run it’s Ponzi scheme by printing money and buying bonds. As bonds being bought by the Federal Reserve from the US government, come up for maturity they will be repaid by getting the Federal Reserve to print money and buy new bonds. Hence, the Federal Reserve will be printing money to repay itself.  It is a perfect Ponzi scheme created by bankers for benefitting the bankers alone and is run by unelected and unaccountable central planners from private central banks. To usher great economic growth and liberate people from public and private debt we need to do away with the central banking system.