The global economy and governance is due for an upgrade and the moment is ripe to implement it. We are at the precipice of change. The existing institutions and leadership that have consistently failed us are hollowed by their inherent weaknesses and internal fault lines. The future retains the fullest potential of humankind achievable through healthy institutions and inclusive leadership.


The Independence Project is ready to take the great leap forward as we have launched our two Beta Projects:

va is our first Beta Project that has been set up as a non-profit under the banner of the Independence Project. It aims to provide a digital platform for collating all available resources, aides and allies oriented towards the empowerment of veterans in order to strengthen their position as defenders of democracy. This is achieved by creating a collaborative network of interconnected online businesses of lifestyle brands that are owned by veterans. helps to magnetize and mobilize veterans around common issues and empowers them with a collaborative community that is based on shared identities, values and purpose.

The Primary task of is to provide fulfilling and rewarding employment to veterans within a cooperative community. For this purpose it hosts a network of subdomains wherein each subdomain vertical caters to different needs and businesses of veterans through unique and specific content. To facilitate and expand business, establishes partnerships between its subdomains and suitable existing brands that gain veterans an easy access to scarce skills and products and entry into new markets. Being able to use resources of our joint venture partners, veterans can supplement their own resources and increase their capacity without making any capital investment. A joint venture (JV) also enables veterans to take advantage of local partners’ market knowledge, contacts and customer base.


CTD Djibouti is our second Beta Project that is a non-profit set up under the Independence Project to assemble on a single digital platform all veterans, patriots, activists and advocates of human rights who are concerned with the current situation in Djibouti.

Djibouti is a country located at the southern entrance to the Red Sea, at the intersection of major international shipping lines connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. For a small country in East Africa it has garnered global attention due its geostrategic location and is a growing hub of maritime trade and international military bases which includes the only American military base in Africa. The Port of Djibouti is located at the crossroads of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, serving COMESA (Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa) market and linking 19 countries and 380 million people.

Yet, not much attention has been spared for the on-going political crisis of the country. In Djibouti, democracy is being demolished brick by brick by their five - time elected President, Ismail Omar Guelleh (re-elected on 10th Apr 2021). In 2010 he changed the Djiboutian constitution to clear his path to an unlimited number of terms in office. Guelleh, despite being in his 73rd year of age, is determined to retain and restrict power and national wealth into his hands. He blatantly uses force, intimidation and corruption to silence every voice of dissent and criticism against his government and strengthen the unchecked powers of his clout.

Furthermore, the dominant party authoritarian regime in Djibouti has alarmingly been welcoming of the increasing Chinese influence in the region, both militarily and economically. About eight miles away from the US naval base Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti is a swanky and highly restricted military compound - the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Support Base. Beijing’s growing economic presence in Djibouti can be gauged by the fact that China and Chinese state owned firms have invested nearly $ 10 billion in Djibouti. As a result, Beijing is not only the largest stakeholder at Djiboutian ports but also the bulk of Djibouti’s debt (which accounts for over 70 per cent of the country’s GDP) is in its name.

Much like anywhere else in the world, Djibouti is in desperate need of a revolutionary change. Tired and trapped by deeply entrenched political practices and destructive patterns, people of Djibouti are ready for a ‘Golden Age of Governance’. Our task is to show them how this may be achievable through both effective and peaceful means. In this respect, Djibouti acts as a perfect plain to demonstrate to the world that violence is not necessarily a precondition to a revolution.

Seizing this great opportunity, the Independence Project has played a big role in the ongoing CTD revolution in Djibouti that aims to bring about a peaceful transition to a new form of incorruptible and decentralized democracy. The CTD coalition, first of its kind in Djibouti, is a combined opposition force that includes five major political parties of Djibouti, youth activists, human rights activists and members of the civil society inside and outside of the country. A sound military support (both from veterans and serving personnel) provides the organization a robust spine to face the extant oppressive regime.

To know more about CTD Djibouti click here:

The Independence Project not only lends its vision to the CTD coalition but also supports it financially and logistically. With the help of our beta project ‘CTD-Djibouti’, a common online front of opposition has been created to facilitate collective and unified action by Djibouti’s national leaders, activists, journalists etc. against the extant regime. Powered by The Independence Project, CTD has already released a chart* through a press conference that states their plan to replace the existing oppressive and intolerant regime in Djibouti with a Transitional Government for 2 years (expected to be achieved by the end of 2021).

To read the full Charter for Democratic Transition click here:

A vast portfolio of strategic domain names that the Independence Project offers provides a perfect ‘kit’ for the CTD revolution in Djibouti. These easily accessible and closely associated premium digital domains have the potential of attracting maximum web traffic that translates to further outreach and greater impact.


In the process of building and expanding an integrated end to end network of multiple sustainable businesses on existing domains, the Independence Project has multiple Beta projects underway:


activism : a premium domain that will act as an activists hub

The mass scale of public protests these days is reflective of disapproval and disappointment among people with the way things are in our current times.History confirms that all radical ideas of change require vigorous activism to be moved to the mainstream and to finally actualize. creates a collective and coherent identity for meaningful, memorable and measurable activism of any scale or scope. It supports successful activism and foster collaboration among social activists from all walks of life. It's easy accessibility and wide outreach through a premium domain allow activists to effectively combine their competencies, resources, tools and action in order to engage renewed attention and new activists. In, activists will find a robust platform of content sharing without the fear of government and corporate reprisals. It will provide various avenues of raising a voice against wrong through content streams like podcasts, talk shows, video interviews, articles, and others. Revenue generated through advertising and will be equally distributed among the activists and content creators. Each activist with their individual audience following will add to the heavy web traffic flow, placing our domain in the center of a democratic revolution. Reflective and collective action through the collaborative network and organizing body of help develop a deeper understanding of the broader challenges and capabilities of the existing political, economic and social environment necessary to bring about a positive change.

women a premium domain dedicated to the welfare, wellness, and upliftment of women.

A well rounded sustainable development of a society is nowhere near possible when its women are denied the power and freedom to fully and equally participate in all aspects of social life, economic development and political decision making. With the aim of better addressing the challenges faced by women and to identify a single recognized platform to concentrate and coordinate activities on gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, will bring together women entrepreneurs, influencers and activists on one platform, connecting them not just to each other but also to the rest of the world. Essentially offers a premium domain to raise resources, abilities, knowledge and awareness towards elimination of discrimination against women and girls, empowerment of women, and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, economic resources and security. Through policies and programmes that give paramount importance to the elimination of poverty, illiteracy and ill health among women by encouraging them to attain their own potential through education, skill development and employment, promotes an overall upliftment, welfare and wellness of women.

A wide user participation on will attract creative advertising and brand sponsorship (such as banners, branded merchandise and product showcases) to generate a steady flow of revenue. Furthermore, the platform of will offer marketing opportunities to other related domains of our ecosystem (e.g. CBD) through creation of a subdomain (e.g. interlinking the two while generating positive PR and awareness for both. a premium domain that serves as a dedicated resource website to assist fair elections.

At its core, democracy is anchored in the capacity of citizens to obtain accurate and unbiased information on elections, candidates and other related issues. However, challenged by manipulative campaigns and polarized media, designed either to lure or confuse voters, it is not always easy to make an educated decision. provides a trusted, non-partisan and independent platform to help citizens navigate a sea of available political and electoral information in order to build a better informed electorate and effective democracy.This entails imparting accurate information about electoral candidates and and all vote related information as well hosting unbiased discussion about on important issues of the nation. Acting as a reliable and effective media centre, helps candidates build more effective campaign goals, strategies and tactics on the one hand; while on the other it helps voters make educated and informed decisions on the election day. Revenue is generated mostly through advertising and sponsorships. At the same time, it offers access to lucrative markets of e-commerce via sub-domains that can channelise election memorabilia and product based merchandise (such as “don’t panic, it’s organic” t-shirts to support cannabis issues) into monetised businesses.

memes a premium domain that will act as a social media/entertainment platform.

Memes as still images, images with phrases, GIFs (an animated image) and videos have invaded and conquered our digital world. Appearing regularly on our social media feeds they have managed to entertain and give us a laugh but very few have realized its cultural and political potency. Multifaceted memes whether they be political, promotional or just a bit of fun, have unseen yet undisputed inroads into the wider terrains of society, ideology and politics. will use this potent medium for capturing and communicating popular culture, ideas or symbolism for mass consumption. Considering people’s love for visual content that they are six times more likely to remember, helps generate a powerful public commentary around an issue, raise awareness or sway public opinion through multiple re-shares that could be monetized. will also host podcasts and videos deconstructing popular memes to trace their origin, grasp their significance and track their contribution. The primary source of revenue will be advertising and sponsored content. Eventually, a financially rewarding system will acknowledge and reward top creators with badges and monetary incentives. a premium domain that will serve as a platform for market research and data collection.

The oft repeated saying ‘data is the new oil’ delineates the importance of market data as one of the most valuable resources of businesses today. is the source of clear, consistent and accurate data that has been collected on specific variables and is essential for gleaning actionable insights and evaluating outcomes. For businesses, young and old, collecting relevant data of high quality enables better and informed decisions: the more information they have about their customers; the better they can understand customers’ interests, wants and needs; the more likely they are to make good choices when it comes to marketing, sales, customer service, product development etc. provides targeted information based on data research and collection (qualitative and quantitative) to businesses, sponsors and LOBs associated with us, allowing each of them greater visibility, flexibility and accuracy in their marketing campaigns and/or business transactions. Going beyond corporate data, also helps to map minds of people on social issues and political campaigns allowing a steady finger on the pulse of public opinion that is crucial to drive awareness and sway public/political opinion. To achieve this uses wide ranging data gathering methods/qualitative research strategies including: surveys, online tracking, transactional tracking, online marketing analytics, social media monitoring, collecting subscription and registration data, web traffic monitoring. To broaden the audience base and the scope of research, it is also open to paid polling i.e. offering monitoring incentives to users to participate in a poll/survey online.

cbd a premium domain that will be a one-stop shop for CBD marketing.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, extracted from the Cannabis buds and flowers has been creating a buzz in the health and wellness offers a premium domain to act as a one stop shop to meet multiple needs, services and products required by CBD consumers. Highlighting the potential of CBD to treat a wide range of maladies, the resources website ( provides numerous research, invaluable knowledge and anecdotal accounts from patients and physicians along with an all-inclusive digital marketplace for purchase and sale of quality CBD products. Innovative and targeted marketing through a team of marketing strategists, technology experts, content contributors and influencers help transform the therapeutic landscape and change the public conversation about cannabis by bridging the gap between consumers and CBD or wellness companies. In this direction, we have already launched our own signature brand on the digital platform of Using available resources of a collaborative network, effective branding and marketing strategy we are gaining recognition and building a robust identity among CBD businesses and consumers while generating revenue. Endorsements from influencers associated with the Independence Project provide credibility and mileage to our brand identity. Not long before we have successfully established ourselves as a major player in the CBD market, we will assist upcoming CBD businesses with their branding, strategy, and marketing needs; even rebranding them under our own brand (popularly known as white labeling) if need be.

donation a premium domain that will act as a one-stop shop for raising donations.

In a busy world of today, fills the gap between organizations/entities/individuals looking to attract and maintain a steady flow of donations and those donors that are looking to make monetary contributions to a change or cause they truly believe in. As a premium domain dedicated to raising awareness and donation, caters to an indispensable need of all digital campaigns i.e. an online fundraising platform to raise money from individual donors on the internet. This platform is meant not just for our in-house-campaigns but is also open to those in need of our services. The services, chargeable at a nominal fee, include a premium digital location to attract maximum donors; marketing expertise and infrastructure to raise awareness; and fundraising tools and technology for effective communication and engagement of support online. Dedicated subdomains of (e.g.,, will cater to fundraising and welfare activities of different avenues. Future plans and endeavored goals of include providing a plugin software (similar to to create strong fundraising programs that power the campaigns and causes of individual politicians (especially those associated with us) with donations from grassroots donors.

img a premium domain that serves as an investment vehicle for the entire project.

For all business ideas - extant or upcoming, traditional or innovative, learning to walk or looking to sprint - a steady source of investment is crucial to survive, grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive and expensive business environment. If investment is the bloodline of businesses, then is the heart that pumps investments into all of our current and upcoming initiatives. Providing a detailed description of businesses on its crowdfunding platform mentioning the goals, customer base, product marketability and potential revenue plans, inspires potential investors to lend money and provide start-up capital to companies of our ecosystem, with an expectation of receiving financial returns. As a reliable interface between a network of investors and companies that is based on trust, incentives and demand for credit, it is able to generate revenue while providing financial support to both. At its most basic, it invites investors to lend their money to start-up businesses by promising a payment of interest on it; on the other hand, it extends loans to those businesses and individuals in need of capital, upon receipt of interest on it. The revenue model of ensures that the money borrowed from investors is at a lower rate than the money lent to companies (already part of our ecosystem or will to join it). A profitable and sustainable management of the ‘money economy’ of the Independence Project is further aided by the possession of premium domains that may be leased out or sold to different LLCs (limited liability companies) at a predetermined price, further expanding our ecosystem while helping entrepreneurs find necessary funding to launch and scale their businesses.

img a premium domain will act as a focal point of democratic revolution needed to redress grievances of citizens. is a domain designed to strengthen and expand transformative actions, on an individual or organizational level, that challenge defects and inadequacies of a weakened democracy, growth of economic inequality and hardening of social differences and biases leading to decades of anger and anguish among people. It attracts a diverse and dynamic body of change makers (veterans, women, youth, influencers and thought leaders) who either have been victims of a failed democracy or/and are willing to create a radically different and liberating reality instead of the abysmal current state of democracy. Committed to revitalizing and reinventing aspects of our constitutional democracy, the collective body of change makers find in a highly charged and collaborative platform to be able to research into the system’s dysfunction and deliberate upon suitable solutions and desired results, collectively. through its unique operational model based on equity, transparency and efficacy provides them an opportunity to develop leadership, manage alliances and channelize efforts in discovering and executing bold solutions to overhaul of the prevailing democratic system so that it may boost equality, empower voters and enhance governmental responsiveness.