Our Plan is to build a framework of multiple sustainable business opportunities over existing digital assets in such a way to impact and improve people, planet and profit through a realignment of social, political and financial systems of America.

Common Challenges: Our Shared Plight

  • A profound crisis threatens Americans on multiple fronts but the gravest among them is the toxic divisions that has fractured the very spirit of United States of America. As a nation pulled apart by a stark political and ideological partisanship, today we stand more divided than ever.
  • The deep and long standing division and despair among Americans are a part of a deeper affliction that is attacking our democracy. Though each of our individual situations is different, there are some common problems of a staggering democracy that create suffering and challenges for us collectively.
  • Identifying common challenges and defining the purpose of change is a crucial part of our plan to align the two in such a way to drive value and growth potential.
    • Corruption: The Corruption Perception Index released on Jan 2020 by Transparency International indicates the United States to have scored its lowest score in the last 8 years.
    • Monopoly: A large part of our economy is owned by a handful of Corporate Giants who face negligible competition and hoard the most wealth, power and control of American markets and economic growth.
    • Political apathy: Majority of Americans belonging to Generation X and Y do not follow politics in mass media, know much about public affairs, vote, or engage in political acts.
    • Inequality: In America the top 1% earns, on average, more than forty times than the lower-income earners. This means that 0.1% of top income earners own as much as 110 million regular families in America.
    • Political violence: Among Americans who identify as Democrat or Republican, 1 in 3 now believe that violence could be justified to advance their parties political goals.
    • Hucksterism: To be a leader of the nation means creating more and more ‘a one sided man’ – who subordinate all other truths to ‘his truths’, who sees conspiracies everywhere, who willingly buys into fantasy and exciting untruths of unchecked capitalism.
    • Racial injustice: About two-thirds of Americans (67%) say that blacks are treated less fairly than whites in encounters with the police and by the criminal justice system.
    • Unemployment: About 55 million Americans have filed for unemployment since mid-march 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic began to sweep across the country.
“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to broader concerns of all humanity”
–Martin Luther King

Social Transformation: Creating a Collaborative Community

  • Thrusted into a mad rush, as prisoners of capitalism we are forced to stay in the primitive ‘jungle mind set’ of survival of the strongest and the cleverest.
  • Amassing as much profit to maximise private gains we end up creating a society divided into the extremes of wealth and poverty / power and powerless.
  • We at Independence Project believe that a society based on trust, transparency and equity is far better equipped to face common challenges and to achieve common good for the betterment of a collective humanity
  • Reviving the forgotten call of the U.S. constitution to “promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty”, Independence Project helps create a collaborative community by acting as a link between the change makers and the change needed in the world.

Through optimum use of resources, opportunities and individualities the Independence Project creates a collaborative community based upon reciprocal relationships that are grounded in shared values and common good.



  • Obtain endorsements and gravitas to the Project
  • Capture a lobby of loyalists corresponding to their number of followers on various platforms
  • Diversify content and web traffic by introducing more thought leaders/impactful influencers/non-profit organizations and content contributors to the Project
  • Gain traction through personal stories of inspiration and innovation


  • Gain new perspectives, solutions and ideas on connected issues and common plights
  • Empower themselves and their mission through strong partnerships, ground breaking analysis and resource efficacy
  • Kick start or accelerate entrepreneurship by securing start-up capital and attracting investment
  • Generate more revenue on the content produced, as per sustainable business model (based on equitable distribution of profits) of the company
  • Generate more revenue by endorsing private label brands associated with the company
  • Improve security against cyber-attacks by encrypting and backing up data

Political Overhaul: Building an Incorruptible Political System

  • The existing two party (Democratic and Republican) system with a winner-take-it-all election is stuck in a doom-loop of division and dysfunction characteristic of an escalating two party warfare.
  • Overcome by the greed of concentrated formal authority and executive power, individual parties and candidates are interested only in maximizing their vote count through expensive electoral campaigns funded by wealthy corporations and individuals with vested interests.
  • This unholy alliance leads to an unhealthy level of interdependence between the government and the interest groups that co-jointly overrides the will of people.
  • The Independence Project proposes a new order of politics more in line with our constitutional design that raises political participation to a new level.
  • It offers an alternative to corrupt politicians and political parties in the form of a genuine deliberative assembly of decision makers and replaces the ‘State above all’ mode of governance with a more decentralized participatory form of governance.

Block Chain Government: Decentralized Participatory Governance

  • A decentralized participatory governance is made effective using blockchain technology wherein every decision requires the collective approval of inter connected members rather than a central figure of authority for it to become a resolution.
  • This allows every participant of a network to propose and/or independently vote upon a proposal to reach upon a tailored blockchain solution.
  • As it uses consensus based voting systems to drive at best democratic crowdsourced solutions, it makes people the key participants of the process and political actors as legitimate representatives of the citizen’s interests and aspirations.
  • Open participation, voting rights and distribution of governing tasks according to capability and exerted power rather than fixed roles and assumed power seeks to maximize the potential value of company/community and its participants.

Economic Makeover: Moving Towards Shared Prosperity

  • The shock waves of a swift and massive economic shutdown due to Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in an unprecedented decline in employment and production plunging the global economy into a severe contraction.
  • Much before the pandemic induced recession, the economy of America has been heading towards a crisis that will persist much after an effective vaccine conquers covid-19 and work resumes as before.
  • The long standing trends of income and wealth inequality reveal that economic development does little for middle and low income families while the majority of benefits are reaped by already wealthy families, widening the gap between the two.
  • The current economic policies of America are not working for the prosperity of all Americans. Poorly targeted tax cuts, deregulation and rigid market boundaries favors multinationals but inhibits the success of others leading to a long term decline in investment, innovation and productivity.
  • Economic makeover has become the need of the hour. The Independence project aims to reset the unbalanced economic conditions on a more profitable growth trajectory that is focused on building shared prosperity.

Block Chain Economy: Incorruptible and Equitable Management of Resources

  • Blockchain economy is an economy backed not by central authority but by automated consensus among interconnected members.
  • Our blockchain economy will be based on a decentralized transparent ledger of transaction records (a database) that is shared, updated and monitored by all members of a network; yet owned and controlled by no one.
  • A blockchain enabled economy is not just committed to a transparent movement of money, but also the transfer of information and effective allocation of resources to ensure optimized productivity and performance.
  • Our economy replaces the common trickle-down growth path with a more productive and profitable trade-off growth path wherein profit (be it windfall) is appropriately distributed among all stakeholders after taking various factors into account. While in the trickle-down growth path, profit is shared unevenly in a hierarchical top to bottom framework.


Our plan is to utilize the available premium domain names to create a network of interrelated and collaborative online businesses that yield long lasting and effective results to meet the needs and challenges of present and future generations.