Our model drives and implements sustainability into business purpose and processes and serves as a key driver of competitive advantage. Incorporating a holistic triple bottom approach to tackle challenges and accelerate growth, the model keeps in mind a wide range of interest of stakeholders as well as long term social sustainability.

  • Pursuit of personal goals and business success whilst seeking to make the world a better place- Is it too much to ask for? Perhaps yes, if we continue to adhere to old short term sales and wealth obsessed models of business. However, following our triple bottom line framework (people, planet, profit) for sustainability helps develop mechanisms and solutions that can maximize individual and societal benefits along with economic growth.
  • To make sense of business in a rapidly shifting landscape and deliver profitable growth while ‘doing the right thing’, Our model urges members on both social as well as firm level to rethink, reframe and reinvent for a better future by:

working with partners in new ways to

discover better ways to engage people, brands and thoughtful innovation to

finding more lasting and efficient ways to make a difference to the planet.

  • The Independence Project model checks all the right boxes
    •  convert resources and capabilities into economic and social value
    •  build collaboration and sharing rather than aggressive competition
    •  emphasize delivery of functionality and accountability rather that ownership
    •  aligns interests of all stakeholder, groups and individuals.
    •  requires fundamental organizational changes that necessitates an integrated approach
    •  designed to provide fulfilling, rewarding work experiences for all that enhances human creativity and skills


Our model puts people first by empowering all individuals, groups and companies - who are a part of our ecosystem with:

  • Greater business opportunities
  • Operational improvement
  • Competitive advantage


By placing social issues at the core of the business strategy our model carries tremendous potential to effect long-lasting change to the Planet. Welding the social purpose traditionally associated with non-profit organizations with economic purposes and practical market based methods creates a wide integrated community committed to finding more sustainable products, services and solutions for all people in the future.


Needless to say, an empowered ecosystem is evidently better positioned to deliver more sustained and sustainable results, rewards and revenue as it is leveraged with:

  • Best sources for improving efficiency and driving innovation
  • Collaborative organizations and network communities
  • Better access and connectivity to global markets and trends

In a nutshell, our 3 layers of business model help people to elevate motivation and performance to levels of excellence; help companies to sustain a positive profit oriented organizational culture; and help the planet by mobilizing society towards change and positive behavior patterns.