The Independence Project

Unite. Empower. Reform.

  • Uniting the thought leaders of the world on the most pressing issues facing our generation: from democracy and climate change to blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Empowering women, veterans, and activists – the three most influential groups in our society – to pave the way for radical social change.
  • Reforming democracies around the world with the revolutionizing potential of blockchain technology.


Our plan is to actualize democracy in Djibouti via blockchain and other decentralized technologies — the first such implementation on a national scale, but one that would be drawn from prior experimentations in Sierra Leone and Colombo.

This is to be accomplished via the setting-up of:

  • Blockchain based social media to raise awareness and run campaigns for democracy and human rights.
  • Blockchain based electronic voting to ensure safety, transparency, and greater enfranchisement.


Today, distrust is a powerfully disturbing word. Governments cannot trust the public, and the public have little trust in their elected representatives. The process of building trust (or, building it back) is mostly a foregone conclusion, since every democracy by design takes this trust for granted. And by so doing, takes us (the public) for granted.
We do not think that governments are acting in our best interests when they take us for granted, and governments are increasingly vigilant of popular agitations that decry their authority.
Far from deterring us, this brings us together to reflect on the crisis with a fresh and clear perspective. The Independence Project forum presents the perfect platform to voice our concerns, engage in creative discussions and inspire new ways of thinking forward.
We are asking you to participate in this unique project to save and, perhaps even, reconstitute democracy for the future.


Like all things, democracy too can get old and outdated. In fact, it has.
The time has come to reimagine democracy in a manner that rediscovers the concept as laid down by our Founding Fathers. Democracy today is only so by name. Our analysis of the crisis in democracy from 12 different perspectives has led to 12 unique solutions.

But these are not just ours. They are for all of us.
That is why, we are asking you to tell us about what you think.
Do you believe in the potential of these solutions?
Do you believe they have the capability of restructuring democracy? Can you think of other ways?
Jump in the conversation!


The Independence Project addresses widely cited problems agreed upon by Americans of all ideologies and backgrounds – a military-industrial complex beholden to private wealth; a never-ending drug war that has eroded civil liberties; a criminal justice system ridiculed around the world and increasingly despised by its own high officials; and, most fundamentally, the hijacking by the wealthy of the very electoral process that might have otherwise addressed these issues. These and other issues are approached via crowd-sourced online collaboration strategies that were unavailable a generation ago, but which have since proven stunningly effective in a diverse range of contexts – even despite the lack of tools designed for such work. As the subject has become better understood, it has become practical to develop platforms to amplify these dynamics and make them accessible on the same massive scale the internet has brought to every social practice, for good or bad, from dating to mass surveillance.


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  • Help us use the benefits from the project to create a sustainable business model that will ensure equitable distribution of profits for the entire organization