Omar Ali Hassan with Richard Ojeda


Join this Independence Movement!

Right now, one million people in Djibouti are suffering without the essential food, shelter, safety, and hope that those living in independent, democratic and civilized nations take for granted.

After many years of being ruled by an oppressive dictator that has penalized and murdered all oppositions, we now have a chance to achieve true independence through a peaceful transition to a new, democratic government that will end the cycle of corruption and abuse in our nation, once and for all.

Through this initiative, Djibouti will not only provide its people with the basic freedoms and opportunities that all humans deserve — it will also provide a model for true independence and democracy to be followed by other oppressed nations.

Please make a tax-deductible donation that will help us provide a better future for one million suffering people in Djibouti. Help us deliver true independence and establish a democratic government in Djibouti that will have a ripple effect throughout Africa, the Middle East, and worldwide.