The Independence Project is unique solution to revive the fraying social contract of mankind by finding the right synergy to collaborate and instilling a deep care of the community in order to work together to face common challenges and achieve common good.


Our vision is of a just, sustainable and democratic world, achievable on a democratic and decentralized platform online that utilizes independent and unrelated digital assets to work synergistically as turnkey solutions


To be honest, the project of building and maintaining new open societies and governing institutions that harnesses the exponential energy of technologies, to tackle the multivariate problems of our times is not an overnight task. The Independence Project aims to achieve its goal through a set of following workable solutions:

What we need is a global spiritual awakening that will radically re-align the trajectory of our humanity away from a divisive and self-destructive path and towards a more united and constructive course. The fate of human existence on this planet fundamentally rests upon an effective rebooting of humanity, without the use of force, that replaces our primitive dog-eats-dog mindset with a more evolved and noble way of thinking based on compassion, connection, and correction.
to unravel and undo complex and multivariate problems we need to break free from our old rivalrous models of solution seeking and instead create a horsepower of collective intelligence capable of carrying us through a complete paradigm shift. A collective set of intellectual marbles will pull together the energies and expertise of people who are willing and capable of holding frank and accurate discussions about the problems of our social and political world, predict and overcome obstacles along the way, generate effective solutions and coordinate significant action to build a better future.
An invitation-only selection process will help curate a dynamic body of influencer and thought leaders, determined by their beliefs, standards and competence. They will not only be in alignment with but also governed by our company’s core values (trust, transparency, equal opportunities and effective performance) that essentially mimic a constitution (in that it defines what is possible or permissible and what is not). Through an individualized consideration, the handpicked body of influencers and thought leaders will be empowered and entrusted with the expansion of the community by sending invitations to more like minded people.
the grand project of building and maintaining effective governance, institutional excellence, economic development and human flourishing is not an easy one. It’s certainly not one which can happen with minor adjustment within the current paradigm. What we need are viable solutions to bring about a complete paradigm shift. As a fertile source of innovation and genius the collective intelligence of thought leaders will help crowd source distributive problem solving solutions for radical organizational, social and democratic reforms as well as public good. By establishing a solid foundation for crowd sourcing the Project will act as a springboard for solving some of the world's most pressing problems, accelerating innovation for businesses and strengthening democratic participation.
For an even handed and a truly democratic form of governance we conceptualize a decentralized participatory governance based on blockchain technology. A decentralized participatory mode of governance is made both possible and productive through credible and secure decision making processes and norms. In a decentralized participatory mode of governance whenever a decision is queued it requires the collective approval of inter connected members rather than a central figure of authority for it to become a resolution. This allows every participant of a network to propose and/or independently vote upon a proposal to reach a tailored blockchain solution. Open participation, voting rights and distribution of governing tasks according to capability and exerted power rather than fixed roles and power relations seeks to maximize the potential value of company/community and its participants by urging us to rethink about the way we work together.
he fate of capitalism rests on effective evolution of its economic structures and institutions in a way that they accommodate digital, decentralized and distributed ledger called blockchain. A decentralized blockchain economy is backed not by central authority but by an automated consensus among interconnected members. Rooted in open source software, it structures and regulates a decentralized transparent ledger of transaction records (a database) that is shared, updated and monitored by all members of a network, yet owned and controlled by no one. A blockchain enabled economy is not just committed to transparent movement of money, but also to the transparency of transfer of information and effective allocation of resources to ensure optimized productivity and performance.
A significant transformation needs an acceptable and credible interface between the vision and the action. The Independence Project propels veterans as frontrunners and catalysts of change for they are best positioned to diffuse and promote our vision among the masses. For their heightened sense of duty and patriotism, veterans have earned unanimous respect and adulation among Americans across the board. Apart from this, their commitment to brotherhood and selfless service to the nation incites both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation among the people. The determination and integrity that veterans bring to the project and the trust and respect they evoke among the people make them an ideal choice for an active role in leadership that focuses on pursuit of universal good and general welfare. To prepare veterans for this role, we will be empowering them with morally fulfilling and financially rewarding job opportunities that will be created and supported within a cooperative community. The new power of purpose that we will instill within them will not only resurrect their confidence but also improve their quality of life.
Being products of the internet age, the youth of today are leveraging social media to educate themselves and their peers on topics ranging from gun violence, to climate change to racial justice. They have carved a digital space for themselves to freely engage in activism. Be it to stir up debates and discussion using hashtags and other online trends or to spread information about protests and rallies, youth activists have been the key actors behind social media activism. Yet as social change makers they are not taken seriously by adults. They deserve to be listened to, to be seen as collaborators and treated as equals. If given an opportunity to work alongside adults who are willing to manage their power, youth activists have the potential to lead communities and organisations towards a better future. The goal is to build youth leadership and participation in social movements by providing them on-the-ground support and guidance, to develop and direct their capacity to address pressing issues that need immediate attention.
Tleveraging the power of the internet, premium domain names act as invaluable digital assets. In a vast and cluttered cyberspace, a premium domain name secures an unmatchable online foothold for its easy searchability and relatability. These digital assets not only offer a perfect launchpad to all existing and emerging businesses, organizations and movements, but also secure their assured success by attracting more web traffic that result in maximum outreach and greater impact. Individually, they each can no doubt bring success through exponential growth and increased revenue, but as part of an interrelated and collaborative ecosystem they can achieve far more (both individually as well as collectively). This is achievable through an ecosystem that offers an unique open source working arrangement that values both autonomy as well as collaborative relationships. This ecosystem will be a collective of open source projects, products or initiatives (both ‘for-profit’ and ‘non-profit’) that will embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy to usher in community-oriented development.
Sustainability innovations refer to novelty not just in technology but also in processes, operational techniques, business models, systems and thinking. The transformation is holistic and integrated on an organizational, inter-organizational and societal level. Our specialized entrepreneurship programs that are designed for digital companies (new and old) to rapidly and successfully transition to new sustainable business models. These programs are inclusive of both training as well as job opportunities that help companies establish and sustain a competitive advantage as well as improve their overall performance. Using the triple bottom line (people, profit, and planet) framework we will help companies/businesses/movements achieve real and substantial positive impact on people and the planet while also delivering profitable growth. This approach not only bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, in the shortest time span but also guarantees long term financial and sustainable performance.
influencers as journalists, subject experts, politicians or celebrities are popular channels of credibility about various products and services in a market. Choosing popular social networking platforms does give them the advantage of reaching out to a wide audience base but at the same time it also deters their strong sense of mission to serve public interest. Very often their aspirations and free expression are shackled by an unnecessary fear of reprisal for holding accountable any wrongdoing as well as abuse of monopoly power by social media giants and their subsidiaries. To escape the web of monopolistic control of popular social media sites we need a more collaborative and socialistic alternative wherein the production, exchange and marketing of products and services are owned by a community as a whole. The creation of an all-inclusive collaborative community allows influencers to claim back their power to promote or criticize any product, service or idea without an undue fear of reprisal or abuse of monopoly power. The aim is to empower influencers not just through a platform free of private regulation and inherent tensions but also through a community based on teamwork wherein a group of people sharing similar values and standards, work together to achieve common goals. Furthermore, working within an efficient and cost effective grid of marketing programs will provide the participants of this community with competitive advantage as well as better monetization prospects.
he well-known people's movement, Anonymous has been a powerful player advocating democratization through the equalizing effect of digital communication and collaborative hacktivism. The Guy Fawkes mask, adopted by its members, is a widely accepted symbol of freedom and reform. However, the full potential of this symbol has not yet been tapped into, in terms of its capacity to unmask most effectively, all that is wrong and dysfunctional about our current paradigm. There’s not only an urgent need to revive this symbol and bring it back from the past to represent digital Robin Hoods of today and the future; but also a need to reinforce it with a collaborative and cooperative digital space in order to yield results in new and expansive ways. An online community of influencers and change makers that supports coordinated action towards self-agreed goals offer the perfect prop up to the Anonymous symbol that will allow us to rethink, reboot and rebrand digital communication and collaboration as a lesser known path to change.


The Independence Project offers a wide and collaborative network of digital assets. Under its banner, the Independence Project hosts a wide variety of social impact companies that cater to different yet connected business niches or verticals, represented by a portfolio of websites. Each of these websites acts as a unique digital asset as they are committed to work synergistically and collectively within a custom built system of turnkey solutions.



Paul Taylor

Founder and CEO of the Independence Project

Paul Taylor is a successful entrepreneur with a business degree from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business. He has built a flourishing career around purchasing and converting premium domains into successful and sustainable businesses like,, to name a few. His divorce (2010-2012) forced him to reckon with an inherently flawed government system. It wasn’t long before he realised that all institutions like the Family Court system, Child Protection Services, Education and Healthcare system, were although designed to protect interests of the people and help them flourish, in actuality they operated as machineries of harassment. After losing a long and hard battle against an unresponsive system, Paul was alienated from his 3 kids in 2018 and till date struggles to gain access to them. It is around this time that Paul decided to use his resources to bring about a bigger change beyond his own suffering and vindication. He wanted to free humankind from a doom-loop of dysfunction and provide them with more efficient and responsive alternatives.

His vision is to unite all thought leaders and influencers on a single online platform that enables them to crowd source solutions to cure our existential crisis. His exposure to the world of veterans through his domain allowed him to understand the immense potential that this class holds in making things possible. He believes, if veterans are empowered and enabled correctly they can act as powerful frontrunners and viable mediums of change. In 2020, his vision found a befitting name- 'The Independence Project’ . With an undying desire of being reunited with his kids, Paul has carefully and painstakingly collected and assembled several ideological bricks from journalists, politicians, and veterans etc. to lay out the foundations of the Independence Project much before it even had a name. In July 2020, Taylor was introduced through a common friend to Omar Ali Hassan, a former Djiboutian commander. Together they designed the Beta project- CTD Djibouti by playing a major role in initiation and creation of the CTD coalition. It is a coalition to oppose the dictatorial regime in Djibouti and replace it with a Transitional Government that is more in line with the Independence Project.

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Omar Ali Hassan

Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Independence Project and CTD-Djibouti

Omar Ali Hassan is an ex commander of the Djiboutian Army, currently seeking asylum in the United States of America. He has dedicated 20 years of his life to the Djiboutian Army where he held prestigious positions and led several battalions as an instructor in Djibouti and Africa. In April 2020 he resigned from service in condemnation of unabated corruption and oppression carried out by now 5 times elected President Ismail Omar Guelleh’s government; and to show support to his fellow serviceman Pilot Fouad Youssouf Ali who remains to be incarcerated under inhumane conditions and without a fair trial since 8th Apr 2020. While in service Omar had witnessed blatant corruption, injustice and racial discriminations from senior army personnel. But matters became worse in 2017 when he witnessed high level fraud and corruption by a senior army official who operated with impunity on account of his blood relation to the Chief of Army Staff. Together they left no stone unturned to harass Omar as he refused to cooperate with their corrupt ways.

From threats to life, to sabotaging his career, to public humiliation and denial of basic human rights- every tactic in the book was adopted to silence Omar. Failing to break his resolve, in January 2020 Omar was deported to the United States. Although sent under the pretext of promotion, Omar soon realised that it was really a desperate attempt to inflict psychological torture upon him and his family. In spite of US permission Omar’s wife and 3 minor kids were not allowed by the General Chief of Army Staff, to accompany him to America. By April 2020 Omar submitted his papers of resignation to the Djiboutian Army and decided to join the ranks of people determined to expose the atrocities of his government to the world.

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